WEIGHTS AND MEASURES                                                                                                                       

   The few weights & measures used in Tulunadu are as follows:

MUDI : It is name for one of the weights used in Tulunadu & equals 3360 tolas.

KHANDUGA : It is basically used for Land measure, Dry measure & Liquid measure.

IKKANDUGA, MUGANDUGA, HALGANDUGA represents Twice Thrice & four times the quantity of KANDUGA.

SERU, HANE, KUDIT,MANA : They are used for Dry & Liquid measures.


PADI : Itís a measure for Dry measure.

GENI (Land Tenancy) : It actually means the rent paid by the tenant to the land- lord.

MULIGA : Itís the name for a cultivator who has taken cultivable land on permanent lease from their owners.


During the tenth century A.D,coin Gadyana was a currency .

Fraction of coins:

Hana,1/2 hana,1/4 hana.